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Our Timely and Thorough Approach

Our process begins with a call from your insurance provider or emergency response team. We immediately dispatch a project manager to visit your home to assess the damage. The project manager will evaluate your situation and determine the extent of restoration possible and create a plan for your claim to be processed in a timely manner.

What to Expect:

  • We ask you to identify items you need back quickly, typically two weeks’ worth of clothing. We rush these items through our plant and deliver them to you in 12–48 hours.
  • We separate and remove your belongings from your home. At our plant, we barcode each item so we can account for your belongings at every step of the restoration process.
  • We work with your insurance provider to make sure the necessary paperwork and documentation is done on time and to the exacting standards of our industry.
  • We professionally deodorize, dry clean, wet clean, launder and press your belongings.
  • We store your restored items in our secure, climate controlled facility until you are back in your home. Then, we deliver your items and place them in your home exactly where they belong.
  • Our goal is to return your garments to you in the condition they were prior to the catastrophe. Most times in better condition!
  • We follow up to see how we can provide additional help to speed up your return to everyday living.
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