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Classic Cleaners is the result of a family-owned dry-cleaning business that was established in 1971 by John and Norma Currier. They built their retail business with one simple philosophy: always exceed the customer’s expectations. Whether it was a Sunday delivery or opening the store for a customer in need, nothing was more important than customer satisfaction.

Keeping with this same philosophy, John and Mike began a fire and water restoration division. This blend of experience and dedication to our customers’ needs is the cornerstone of growth which has made Classic Cleaners the company of choice for thousands of customers. Fire and water restoration is now our core business and we are proud to serve as your clothing restoration specialists.

John CurrierJohn Currier
President & Co-Founder
Mike HoezelMike Hoelzel
Vice President & Co-Founder
Matt Hoezel
Matt Hoelzel

General Manager
Mary SergisonMary Sergison
Account Manager
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